Darn Good Music Festival

We’ve all attended one of those music festivals with 60,000 fans, which meant that a “good spot” was a quarter mile away from the stage, lines were long, and half the day was spent deciding which band / stage to be at.

The Darn Good Music Festival IS NOT one of those festivals.

We’ve intentionally capped our attendees to 10,000 each day. That way every spot in our venue is within view of stage; not a relay tower. Lines are short and efficient so you can quickly get back to the activities you came for. All stages are staggered so you won’t have to choose which performances to miss. You’ll get to see them all! As one act finishes, another is starting, and the distance from one to the other is a quick shift.

That’s what the Darn Good Festival is all about. Providing an experience first festival that was truly built by fans for fans.


The artists & groups selected to perform at this year’s Darn Good Music Festival were hand-picked and carefully curated by the founders of the festival. These bands have not only all been chart-toppers in their personal Spotify and iTunes playlists, but also line their shelves in vinyl format. Each of the bands selected are currently chart-topping and heavily rotated artists, or are quickly rising as ones to watch. There’s plenty of tunes to sing along to, and many more to be discovered in the 2020 lineup.

The Environment

You will notice it the moment you arrive; that you’ve been transformed from the daily grind to this little secluded piece of nature. It’s like an oasis in a way, a little slice of paradise. As you wind down the road leading into the venue you’ll immediately forget where you really are; awed by all there is to see. It will be a time that you never forget; one that you’re sure to share with those by your side, and those far away. For a moment you may think, “how could I be so relaxed while surrounded by so much energy,” or “how could this be so familiar, yet explicitly unique.” The one thought we are certain will not escape you is, “I’m so glad that I came, that was one Darn Good Time!”

Food & Drink

Food Trucks from all over the Washington D.C region applied, but only a few were selected. Of the hundreds, we decided to highlight our favorites at the 2020 festival. We’ve provided a wide variety of fare from all over the world that’s sure to inspire the pallets of our guests. We were mindful of including vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary-restricted selections to fulfill the needs of everyone. These culinary masterpieces are sure to taste so good it’ll make your tongue smack your brains out.

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Live Performances

Our live event production crew is bar-none the best in the business. As audiophiles ourselves, we knew that anything short of world-class simply wouldn’t suffice. That’s why we’ve implemented technologies at the forefront of audio and video sciences to every stage and every performance. “Audibly superb, visually captivating.”

The Right Location

When we first approached Bull Run Regional Park as the venue of the 2020 Festival, we knew immediately that it was the right venue. Winding down the road that leads into the festival grounds each of us mentally began planning. Coming around the last turn, as the entire venue opened up, we couldn’t contain our excitement. It checked everyone of our key boxes:

Somewhere locally within a 45-minute drive from most of the region
Somewhere with ease of access
Somewhere with ample space for activities
Somewhere with ample space for parking
Somewhere where camping was an option
Somewhere we could continue with annually

General Admission, GA+PIT and VIP

Tickets are released thru our friends network. The remaining tickets are made available directly on our website. Availability is limited as we only have space for 10,000 fans at the Bull Run Park.