policy posted April 6, 2020 – updated last on June 19th, 2020


Simply stated, if the Darn Good Music Festival is cancelled with no reschedule date, you only need to request a refund and your base ticket price will be refunded in full. (Third-party fees are not considered part of your base ticket price.)


Bad weather & natural disasters will not lead to ticket refunds.


The event will only be considered to have been cancelled if more than fifty per cent of the performances are cancelled and the Festival is not rescheduled. In that case, the purchaser can apply for a refund. Refunds request must be submitted by logging into your user profile at My Account Support. All requests must be submitted by a date which is no later than (30) days from the date of public announcement of the cancellation.

To request a refund:

Create a new ticket here:

Include your order ID found here:

include your name and email address and indicated if you have purchased the refund assurance.

Refunds take 7-10 days to process


We have thought about a way to offer peace of mind and value at the same time. We are offering refund assurance per ticket that when not used, you get something from it.


This will be the most common option – in the event that (i) we are forced by the government to cancel, or (ii) the event is cancelled and rescheduled for any reason outside COVID-19, your ticket will be valid for the 2021 Darn Good Music Festival, but otherwise will not be refundable.

OPTION 2 – BUY REFUND ASSURANCE and Festival is Cancelled

If the event is cancelled and rescheduled for any reason what-so-ever, you will receive a full refund for your base ticket price (exclusive of the cost of refund assurance, and third-party fees to not exceed 13%) upon request, no questions asked.

OFFICIAL T-SHIRT when Assurance is not used

The worst part about refund assurance is when you don’t use it, that money seems like a waste. NOT WITH US. When the Festival gates open and you have not needed to use your refund assurance, we will have a free T-Shirt waiting for you at the merchandise tent, just pick a size at checkout!

In short, if you planned on buying a t-shirt at the Festival anyway, here is a way to prepay for it but also ease your mind of any cancellation worries you might have had.

We hope this is another Darn Good Value and proof that we care about our fans!

Assurance Price click here

Why do festivals not offer refunds generally

The short answer is: to be able to provide such a large scale event that requires months of planning (sometimes years, like ours) consumes a tremendous amount of resource and festivals have ZERO intention of ever cancelling. Your commitment to the ticket is the festivals commitment to you and in the extremely rare case of a reschedule, the festival will go the extra mile to make sure the next one is even better!

Refund Assurance

A True Win-Win

This is a supplement to our refund policy.

Designed to deliver confidence: your money will not go to waste.  At the festival you will receive an official T-Shirt. Just show your QR code at the merchandise tent. Details will be emailed to you.

Choose your shirt size here and pick it up at the festival

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